Sep 292009

I have attended some of Kat’s exhibitions in South Africa one of which ended up in a terrific party. Another which comes to mind is where the exibition was set on an entire top floor of a central Johannesburg building. Great view of the city, drinks and music – good times. This particular exhibition was for her MissYuki collection. There where massive MissYuki dools, MissYuki clothing and underwear, as well as her fantastic  illustrations. She is currently based in Barcelona and below is a collection of her work.

You will find the full range of her work here:

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  1. >>> have always loved Kat’s work <<>> big big fan <<<

  2. yay – thanks for the nice words guys, so glad you enjoyed the exhibitions, Alba and I will definitely plan more! if anyone is interested please stop by our MissYucki facebook page :)

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