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21st of April

Sam Flores – Urban Gods

I posted before illustrations by Sam Flores and here is another gem which I really thought we needed to add to the collection. ‘Urban Gods’ is a name I gave to the illustration… im not sure what the official name for this artwork is.

Sam Flores illustration 7

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7th of April

Sam Flores – Illustrator from San Francisco

Based in San Francisco Sam Flores creates characters which are hero like. His signatures are that these characters have mostly closed eyes and large hands. The end results is the feeling that these characters are expressing a particular dichotomy in life – simultaneously experiencing ugliness and beauty. “how can the world be so horrible and yet so beautiful at the same time.”

Sam Flores Illustrator 1

Sam Flores Illustrator 2

Sam Flores Illustrator 3

Sam Flores Illustrator 4

Sam Flores Illustrator 5

Sam Flores Illustrator 6

Sam Flores Website

Enjoying the Illustration Blog

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