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5th of December

Joao Ruas

Joao Ruas is probably one of my favourite artists. I have been following his work ever since I picked up my first copy of the graphic novel Fables a couple of years ago, with one of his illustrations on the cover, his artworks never fail to disappoint. Hailing from Sao Paulo, he’s just one of those artists whose work makes me wish I could emulate easily. For now however I shall have to stay content just being jealous and staring at his amazing paintings and drawings for hours. Those muted tones just speak to me!

The way his characters appear and emerge from the painted canvas or paper, draw your eye into details, that you may have missed upon first glance. Ruas is also known as Feral Kid online, and hosts a great tumblr filled with interesting, alluring, if somewhat dark images, which you can clearly see inspire his fantastic works. Check it out!

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18th of November

Eric Fortune

Eric Fortune, a painter based in Columbus, Ohio, paints startlingly atmospheric paintings. With Acrylic on water colour paper, he is able to create scenes with an almost unearthly mood. His colour palette enhances his subjects through contrasting use of chiaroscuro. Eric posts plenty of work in progress videos and photos on his blog, which show how he creates his layered work from photo compositions to the finished painting.  Each detail painstakingly thought out and rendered. His work is described as “Lyrical, haunting, yet poignant at the same time,” and indeed, something in the tones, flowing aspects and the characters themselves speak to me of dreams and music.

6th of September

Brian M. Viveros – sexy, provocative and dark

Brian M. Viveros illustrations are sexy, provocative and dark.  The below illustrations are Brian’s trademark: Sexy, dark, feminine yet strong women who have a cigarette in the corner of their mouth. Despite the seemingly macabre air and batted state of the women their expressions are filled with lust and sovereignty. The overall effect is sexy and powerful. (ps: Compared to some of his other work this selection is less hardcore.)

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1st of March

Louis Minnaar’s paranormal world

I am very excited to finally post the work of this brilliantly talented local artist; from my very own beautiful, South Africa. I have been following this illustrator for the past two years and am a big big fan. At the crazy young age of 24 Louis Minnaar creates illustrations that are not only expertly executed but portray an imagination like no other. A darkness runs through Minnaar’s mysterious worlds of human eyed birds, beaked flowers and disjointed figures. Louis’ highly conceptual approach can be seen in an illustration he created for the South African pop culture magazine “One Small Seed”. Louis explains, “The guy in the seed is chasing his own tail. He is searching for truth in the world and does not find it because ultimately, without God, he is alone.”

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