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30th of December

Rodrigo Luff

It’s been some time since a post here in Signature Illustration, as currently things are afoot in blog land. We’re hoping to make everything more user friendly and more community based. Don’t worry, we have heard all the requests and messages to have a peek at your artworks, and are trying to get everything together so that Signature can showcase more reader work, but since this is what we do for fun, it doesn’t always get as much attention as it should when work and life gets in the way. Sorry about that! Don’t mind us, keep submitting, and have a look through the archives, you can always find new inspiring imagery, even if the work is old. In the mean time, I hope to make some new posts over the new years vacation, and hopefully introduce you some new names.


So to whet your appetite here is some gorgeous glowing work by Rodrigo Luff. Owls, nekkid ladies, trees, starlight, luminescence, this guy is pushing all my buttons! He just closed up a solo show in Thinkspace Gallery, and boy do I wish I could have seen his paintings in the flesh. The colours, and contrasts just drip off the canvas and paper, and the psychedelic owls make me feel like I ate too many mushrooms at night in a forest. The dude currently lives in Sydney and you can pick up prints of his work from his website. I strongly urge that you follow his blog on tumblr, or his instagram, he curates shows, and will be sure to wow your socks off with new artworks, sketches in progress or introduce you to new artists.










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6th of February

Sangduck Kim

Besides the awesome name of this artist from Seoul, South Korea, there is little information out there. You can find his website here, and facebook here, and perhaps you will be able to do a better sleuthing job than I. The work, however, does speak for itself, and has a loud and rather unusual voice, don’t you think? Trippy bathroom scenes, dripping paint, lurid colours, abstract shadows, what’s not to love? The paintings of legs in the bath, are wondrous, as pretty much any time I languish in the tub (with my book, legs over the rim), I always think the strange way your body disappears in the water in distorted shapes and colours, would make a great painting! So thanks Kim for making this wish come true!

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22nd of January

Jeremy Enecio

Sometimes it’s hard to put into words how I feel about someone’s illustration or art. Mostly it’s “I like!” “I like!!” But that’s a pretty boring and shallow way to react to all this visual stimulation. Blame it on watching too much mindless TV. I don’t know. Anyway Jeremy Enecio’s fantastic art makes me gibber “I like” quite a bit. I had to stop for a bit, and actually look harder, take a moment and review why “I like”. I think first he caught my attention with his tribute work entitled Cthulu ( acrylic on paper | 11 x 14 ) The glowing eyes of the beast, and it’s enormity depicted with the tiny shark (that you instinctively know is probably a gazzillion meters long, at least 13 anyway!) drifting through the tentacles, froze me in it’s gaze. I couldn’t look away. Is it not fantastic to have this sort of physical reaction to an artwork. The more I browsed through his portfolio, the more I was entranced. The use of colour and subject matter, especially his fantastical artworks, blew my imagination open wide. Go do yourself a favour and take a peek at his website and blog!

10th of January

Andrew Hem

“Andrew Hem’s introspective, otherworldly paintings explore realities one step away from our everyday waking life.” And I can’t get enough. Hem is a Cambodian American artist, I love his use of colour, and the way he depicts his characters. Faces full of shadow and light. And his figures are so light footed and full of movement and mood.
Check out his website and blog for more info and images.

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6th of December

Phil Hale

This is the work of Phil Hale. Mostly working in figurative art, his work received recognition through the National Portrait Gallery where he has been awarded various prizes. Initially working soley as an illustrator, he created work for a variety of publications in America, and apprenticed to Rick Berry. Isolated figures are often the subject of his paintings, with stark backgrounds, surreal landscapes, his figures sometimes oddly contorted. He was commissioned to paint the portrait of Tony Blair which hangs in Westminster. His work graces the covers of a mountain of books, including Penguin Classics, where he worked on covers for six Joseph Conrad stories including Heart of Darkness. Hale currently lives and works in London. His artwork has been compiled into 2 publications, including most recently – Goad.

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19th of November

Ana Elisa Egreja

Let’s dive into the world of Ana Elisa Egreja, where we can spend time with her animal friends in their fancy homes, her Pandas colour co-ordinate themselves on the bed while Pigs and Flamingos can be found cavorting in the salon. This Brazilian realist painter creates humorous scenes, with fantastic attention to detail, the contrasting patterns and composition form landscapes of eye candy that invite you to laugh and play. Egreja works in Sao Paulo where she paints her “interiors”. Have a look at her flickr.

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