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28th of November

Jeff Soto Illustrations: A Twenty10 Collection

I have posted him before and having looked at all his latest work I thought it would be fantastic to post a 2010 collection. Note that the below collection also includes work from his latest solo exhibition - LifeCycle. Enjoy!

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24th of July

Showing Love for Jeff Soto




More By Jeff Soto In Signature Illustration

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22nd of April

Illustrations By Jeff Soto

In 2002, Jeff Soto graduated with Distinction from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

There is a strong environmental message in his illustrations. An abstract fusion and representation of the natural and mechanical which may more broadly symbolize human influence on nature. They seem to illustrate that the machines have come from the natural and are in turn influencing the environment. But then often poets are surprised at what people see in their work – perhaps the subconscious coming out or a bit of luck – Which ever way Great Style Great Message.

Jeff Soto – Thunder Clouds over a FlowerJeff Soto - Thunde Clouds over a Flower

Jeff Soto – War CloudJeff Soto - War Clouds

Jeff Soto
Jeff Soto - Stormy Skies

Jeff Soto – Grows
Jeff Soto - Growers.

Jeff Soto
Jeff Soto - Tresflores

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