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30th of December

Rodrigo Luff

It’s been some time since a post here in Signature Illustration, as currently things are afoot in blog land. We’re hoping to make everything more user friendly and more community based. Don’t worry, we have heard all the requests and messages to have a peek at your artworks, and are trying to get everything together so that Signature can showcase more reader work, but since this is what we do for fun, it doesn’t always get as much attention as it should when work and life gets in the way. Sorry about that! Don’t mind us, keep submitting, and have a look through the archives, you can always find new inspiring imagery, even if the work is old. In the mean time, I hope to make some new posts over the new years vacation, and hopefully introduce you some new names.


So to whet your appetite here is some gorgeous glowing work by Rodrigo Luff. Owls, nekkid ladies, trees, starlight, luminescence, this guy is pushing all my buttons! He just closed up a solo show in Thinkspace Gallery, and boy do I wish I could have seen his paintings in the flesh. The colours, and contrasts just drip off the canvas and paper, and the psychedelic owls make me feel like I ate too many mushrooms at night in a forest. The dude currently lives in Sydney and you can pick up prints of his work from his website. I strongly urge that you follow his blog on tumblr, or his instagram, he curates shows, and will be sure to wow your socks off with new artworks, sketches in progress or introduce you to new artists.










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9th of February


When I first came across the artworks of Moki, it was in her book “How to Disappear” which I couldn’t put down, and took home with me right away, where I spent hours pouring over her beautiful paintings. Now based in Berlin, her detailed paintings are dark, and intriguing.

Her images are unsettling and charming, strange yet familiar. They feature lonely northern landscapes: isolated Scandinavian and Icelandic terrain, a subarctic frozen lake continent, untouched caves and moss meadows, and mountains sculpted into anatomical shapes by wind and water. Animals and humans emerge and dissolve into their environments. Within the solitude of nature, disappearing seems an obvious act. (source)

Visit her website and blog to see more fantastic artworks.

6th of February

Sangduck Kim

Besides the awesome name of this artist from Seoul, South Korea, there is little information out there. You can find his website here, and facebook here, and perhaps you will be able to do a better sleuthing job than I. The work, however, does speak for itself, and has a loud and rather unusual voice, don’t you think? Trippy bathroom scenes, dripping paint, lurid colours, abstract shadows, what’s not to love? The paintings of legs in the bath, are wondrous, as pretty much any time I languish in the tub (with my book, legs over the rim), I always think the strange way your body disappears in the water in distorted shapes and colours, would make a great painting! So thanks Kim for making this wish come true!

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27th of November

Yohan Sacré

An illustrator based in Belgium, drawing for graphic comics, the doodles of this artist capture the imagination don’t they? Soft and sharp, shadows play, and creatures abound. This is the work of Yohan Sacré. Have a peek into the pencil world and see what you can discover! A tentacled monster sneaking through a doorway or small acorn beings living large in a chocolate chip infested landscape. The uncomplicated medium of paper and pencil just emphasise the detailed ideas, and makes me want to get out my moleskine and draw!

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19th of November

Ana Elisa Egreja

Let’s dive into the world of Ana Elisa Egreja, where we can spend time with her animal friends in their fancy homes, her Pandas colour co-ordinate themselves on the bed while Pigs and Flamingos can be found cavorting in the salon. This Brazilian realist painter creates humorous scenes, with fantastic attention to detail, the contrasting patterns and composition form landscapes of eye candy that invite you to laugh and play. Egreja works in Sao Paulo where she paints her “interiors”. Have a look at her flickr.

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15th of November

Introductions: Kat Cameron

Hello! My name is Kat Cameron.

Sascha has asked me to guest post on Signature Illustration. I have a number of posts lined up on all sorts of illustration, and I’m pretty fired up to share all the artists that inspire me on a day to minute basis. First I wanted to introduce myself,  so yep!
I grew up in South Africa, where I studied Fine Arts.  My adventures through the world took me to Japan for two years, which just enhanced my love of anime and manga as well as birthing my keen interest in the Kawaii/ Kowaii movements and how they have influenced art, especially certain pop surrealists. You will probably notice my penchant for cute-scary artwork, especially those that allow the imagination to wander, in the S.I posts I hope to curate here for you.
Currently I call Barcelona, Spain my home; a city of many facets, not least important its’ huge artistic community. I have been lucky enough to have exhibited with some of Barcelona’s up and coming artists including Crajes and Guim Tio. It’s an exciting place to call home. Dali and Picasso called it home at some point in their lives, and lets not forget the ground breaking work of Gaudi, which is synonymous with Barcelona.
My art is mostly influenced by my travels, I try to capture and conjure up strange worlds or spaces, where the viewer can create stories about where the characters in my paintings come from, and where they are going. A still frame in a journey. Someone you saw in traffic. You will see that narrative illustration, or concept art are some of my favourite art styles and artists who work with these themes will probably pop up quite a bit. 
Besides my own illustration, I also work alongside Alba Poretti on our art collective MissYucki, the forming of which has been a huge influence on my art process. I look forward to hearing from you, and I do hope that you enjoy the illustration and art I post.

Be inspired! Draw Every day! (And if you can’t draw, at least look at art everyday! We have some cool stuff coming up just for you! )

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