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6th of February

Sangduck Kim

Besides the awesome name of this artist from Seoul, South Korea, there is little information out there. You can find his website here, and facebook here, and perhaps you will be able to do a better sleuthing job than I. The work, however, does speak for itself, and has a loud and rather unusual voice, don’t you think? Trippy bathroom scenes, dripping paint, lurid colours, abstract shadows, what’s not to love? The paintings of legs in the bath, are wondrous, as pretty much any time I languish in the tub (with my book, legs over the rim), I always think the strange way your body disappears in the water in distorted shapes and colours, would make a great painting! So thanks Kim for making this wish come true!

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5th of December

Joao Ruas

Joao Ruas is probably one of my favourite artists. I have been following his work ever since I picked up my first copy of the graphic novel Fables a couple of years ago, with one of his illustrations on the cover, his artworks never fail to disappoint. Hailing from Sao Paulo, he’s just one of those artists whose work makes me wish I could emulate easily. For now however I shall have to stay content just being jealous and staring at his amazing paintings and drawings for hours. Those muted tones just speak to me!

The way his characters appear and emerge from the painted canvas or paper, draw your eye into details, that you may have missed upon first glance. Ruas is also known as Feral Kid online, and hosts a great tumblr filled with interesting, alluring, if somewhat dark images, which you can clearly see inspire his fantastic works. Check it out!

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22nd of November

Julian Callos

Now this guy paints some mysterious artworks; mushrooms and flowers infest his characters from a 2011 collection, in an organic explosion of colour and texture. I enjoy his use of colour, and especially his subjects, pale glowing skin, pink fingers, or entirely filled with swirling effects. Julian Callos, is an LA based illustrator, and I recommend you go check out his website. His sculptures are pretty neat too! He is a talented painter, and his editorial work is fantastic. He is able to capture emotions and moments in time with smart attention to detail, creating interesting appealing artworks.