Nov 182012

Eric Fortune, a painter based in Columbus, Ohio, paints startlingly atmospheric paintings. With Acrylic on water colour paper, he is able to create scenes with an almost unearthly mood. His colour palette enhances his subjects through contrasting use of chiaroscuro. Eric posts plenty of work in progress videos and photos on his blog, which show how he creates his layered work from photo compositions to the finished painting.  Each detail painstakingly thought out and rendered. His work is described as “Lyrical, haunting, yet poignant at the same time,” and indeed, something in the tones, flowing aspects and the characters themselves speak to me of dreams and music.

Nov 172012

I love how Jeff Simpson uses his digital paintbrush. The magical filters render his characters almost underwater, amidst some form of luminescence, as if through glowing smoke or caught under ice. The tendrils of textured light obscure and add to the features of each creature and make them alluring and scary at the same time. I can’t quite get my head around them, but they certainly capture my imagination. Simpson is an illustrator, concept artist and colourist, and has worked on Assassins Creed and Snow White and the Huntsman.

Nov 152012

Many of you are probably aware of the Californian based art duo KozynDan. I remember noticing their work for the first time around 2005, while in Japan. I enjoyed following along on their enviable life, diving and drawing in far flung corners of the world, and continuously to this day take a peek into their blog and website to see what they are up to. I was thrilled to be able to see one of their exhibitions here in Barcelona, a few years ago, and wasn’t disappointed in the least, with the fantastic detail of their large scale art. Their evolving work, always fun, colourful, sometimes flirty, sometimes serious, plays with ideas of environmentalism, and the absurdity of modern living. Probably best known for their incredible panoramas and bunny artworks, I wanted to introduce you to some of their most recent work.

Some of these works are going to be featured in their upcoming show in Toronto at Narwhal Gallery. If you are lucky enough to be in town, clear your calendar and get down there! Opening is on the 16th of November. The artists will be there, so go and say hello!

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Nov 152012

Hello! My name is Kat Cameron.

Sascha has asked me to guest post on Signature Illustration. I have a number of posts lined up on all sorts of illustration, and I’m pretty fired up to share all the artists that inspire me on a day to minute basis. First I wanted to introduce myself,  so yep!
I grew up in South Africa, where I studied Fine Arts.  My adventures through the world took me to Japan for two years, which just enhanced my love of anime and manga as well as birthing my keen interest in the Kawaii/ Kowaii movements and how they have influenced art, especially certain pop surrealists. You will probably notice my penchant for cute-scary artwork, especially those that allow the imagination to wander, in the S.I posts I hope to curate here for you.
Currently I call Barcelona, Spain my home; a city of many facets, not least important its’ huge artistic community. I have been lucky enough to have exhibited with some of Barcelona’s up and coming artists including Crajes and Guim Tio. It’s an exciting place to call home. Dali and Picasso called it home at some point in their lives, and lets not forget the ground breaking work of Gaudi, which is synonymous with Barcelona.
My art is mostly influenced by my travels, I try to capture and conjure up strange worlds or spaces, where the viewer can create stories about where the characters in my paintings come from, and where they are going. A still frame in a journey. Someone you saw in traffic. You will see that narrative illustration, or concept art are some of my favourite art styles and artists who work with these themes will probably pop up quite a bit. 
Besides my own illustration, I also work alongside Alba Poretti on our art collective MissYucki, the forming of which has been a huge influence on my art process. I look forward to hearing from you, and I do hope that you enjoy the illustration and art I post.

Be inspired! Draw Every day! (And if you can’t draw, at least look at art everyday! We have some cool stuff coming up just for you! )