Jun 202010

While I was collecting examples of  Asaf’s work I started to notice that it looked very similar to Tomer’s work. I have subsequently learnt that they are in fact twin brothers. Asaf Hanuka and Tomer Hanuka. I posted Tomer Hanuka’s work fairly recently and I guess this is now in part acting as a follow up post.  Asafs work is equally good and one or two illustrations can be compared to Istvan Banyai in style.

Asaf also does a weekly comic which is a documentation of one family’s search of a home. Definitely worth checking out.

His subject matter is thought provoking and unique. I hope you enjoy his illustrations:

  4 Responses to “Illustrations by Asaf Hanuka”

  1. Wow! Amazing work!

  2. I love Ice. Really good.

  3. Yhea me too.

  4. Hi,
    I like your blog!

    You inspire me to create similar blog about photography. So I have question. How is it about copyright? You are contacting all illustrators whitch pictures are on your site? Is enough just put link on their portfolios/sites?
    Thank You so much for ansver. (Sorry for my English:)



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