Dec 122009

Based in New York Tomer Hanuka is an illustrator and a cartoonist. He works on a range of projects for magazines, book publishers, ad agencies and film studios. In 2008 he won the British Desgin Museum award as part of the Penguin Classics Deluxe Editions. Currently he teaches at the School of Visual Arts and is working on a graphic novel with his twin brother Asaf.

On his blog he shows his illustration process from sketch to final artwork: Find below a selection of his work:

  6 Responses to “Illustrations by Tomer Hanuka”

  1. super vector work!

  2. Love this guys work the orange one with the tiger and the fish is great. id buy it if I could.

  3. you can infact buy that print on his site. 75USD if i remember right!

    All the best!

  4. no link back to his site??

  5. There was a link to his blog :)

  6. Really fantastic stuff!

    I’d not seen Tomer’s work before so thanks for posting this!

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