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3rd of January

Danny Gregory’s “An Illustrated Life”

“An Illustrated Life: Drawing Inspiration From The Private Sketchbooks Of Artists, Illustrators And Designers” is a must have. There is nothing more precious then an artists journal or sketchbook. Journals are not just a planning and practice ground for art but are creative, honest and faithful, true and private expression of a persons experience of life. Danny Gregory has dived into countless sketchbooks and compiled a book with just over 260 pages of priceless sketchbook entries of artists, illustrators and designers. The author Danny Gregory introduces his book in the video below.

  • what an awesome idea!

  • that’s a great illustration book! very comprehensive collection of artist and their personal work and sketches

  • thanks for the “Illustrated Life” book link! very inspiring!

  • Hey, that looks great! I love sketchbooks. I definitely want a copy.

    And cool blog, it’s definitely going into my very select blogroll.

  • And I’m definitely going to have to stop saying definitely more than necessary, definitely.

  • thanks!!! I am definitely happy about that! And we will definitely keep posting ! :)

  • Thank you for the comments and the Signature Illustration reference on your blog. Really appreciate it.

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