Dec 192008

I have been following Sean Galloway’s work for a while now and I am a massive FAN!

He has worked as lead character designer on animated features such as Hellboy and the new animated Spiderman series.

Hellboy Animated

Spiderman Animated

You have got to love this guys amazing simplicity of form and line, it’s enough to make any line junky squirm with delight (you know what I am talking about).

Sean is a 34 year old freelance illustrator, currently living in Los Angeles California.

Spidey Designs 01

Spidey Design 02

Spidey Design 03

Spidey Design 04


Progeny Design


For more info please visit his blog :

  One Response to “The Artwork Of Sean Galloway”

  1. hello! im a Cheeks big fan too, and ever i wonder how he makes the line, so thin and perfect… for example, in the last pic that you post, you think that he used a tablet, is the pencil/pen line or he use vector lines? it burns my head! What do you think?
    Nice blog! I follow you, bye bye

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