Sep 112008

These paintings (Oil on Linen) of monkeys became quite a hit in London. Monkeys generaly imply some sort of social satire and I belive thats why people took to these. I certainly don’t think the work would have been coined as contemporary art if the artiest decided to draw a bunch of elephants in the same way. Personally, I think monkeys are a reflection for humans animalism. A reminder of our own once primordial ancestors which in turn makes our treasured superior animal condition (human) fallible.






  2 Responses to “Monkey Monkey – Peter Jones”

  1. WOW! My uncle is VERY talented!!!!!! We all love the paintings…

    Love and miss you Peter

    Allan, Teresa (jones), Louis, James, Anna, Eleanor and Francis

  2. wow amazing paintings!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is soooooooooooo good!!!!!!!

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