12 thoughts on “Thought of you – (Very Cute)

  1. it is sooooooo beautiful… so simple but sooo perfect… and full of emotions… it touched my heard! so so beautiful! i love it!

  2. very beautiful. i like how the drop shadow moved from the guy to the girl towards the end, as if both are thinking of each other…subtle but effective :)

  3. “From the spectator and public the man passes, by means of the flirtation, to an individual relationship with the woman. Starting a flirtation is an invitation to a tête-á-tête, a furtive spiritual communication. It begins, therefore, with a gesture, a word which disregards and as it were removes the conventional mask, the woman’s surface personality, and knocks at the door of that more intimate personality. Then, like the moon which emerges from among the clouds, the concealed woman begins to radiate her hidden vitality and relinquish her fictitious countenance before the man. This moment of spiritual denudification, that brief period in which the superficial, impersonal woman is transformed into the real, individual woman (a phenomenon which can be compared to the exposure of a photographic plate) produces in the man the greatest spiritual delight.” (J. Ortega y Gasset)

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