2 thoughts on “Ralph Steadman – Art of the week

  1. That is great artwork which has a great theme to match. Flying Dog has many beers (all of which I enjoy personally. Often.)and the artwork above is an intriguing creation. Ralph Steadman does Excellent work. I\’ve seen many paintings of his work and I always find it inspiring as an artist myself. Of course I\’m not as talented as Steadman. I also have two poster board\’s of his work on dipslay in my home. One of them of course being the Fear and Loathing book cover. Anyway keep up the good work on that delicious beer Flying Dog and I certainly anticipate seeing more of Ralph Steadman\’s artwork!

  2. Im obsessed with ur art since fear and loathing. The gonzo art of course is my favorite. U are very very talented! Hope to trip on some of greatest art yet.

    A great fan- Richard Fisk Jr.

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