May 192009

Psychedelic candy-coated colour madness- fun fun fun I say!
Japanese artist d’Holbachie Yoko is a master at creating rich, multicoloured and stimulating worlds populated by decorative, playful, cute and yet mysterious and manic creatures. With these digital artworks, Yoko manages to use colour intensely, rousing the eye of the viewer without overdoing the viewers experience.

And her whimsical creatures?
d’Holbachie Yoko expresses her work as follows: “Animals, insects, fish, and toys… These things used to be close to me when I was a child. I like to take these in my design. Maybe it is because my childhood memory is vivid, or I am still childish. I love long tentacle-like shapes with stripes or dappled patterns, such as octopus tentacles. They look as if they are presenting something gently, or as if they are looking for something.”

Enjoy the journey into one bold, playful universe of colour.

  9 Responses to “d’Holbachie Yoko’s bold spectrum of colours”

  1. Nice :)

  2. Mad crazy cool coloured character illustrations

  3. Beautiful work – so incredibly vibrant and vivid, and worked to that perfect point where they can hardly be recognized as digital. I don’t think I would have known they weren’t painted had it not been mentioned.

  4. interesting

  5. yhea very true!

    I dig your site! Some great work on their.

  6. What a nice blog! Thanks for your work, its very useful!

  7. love, lovely, bellissima!
    just found you thru you …need to peruse your site more…

  8. Love this artist! Discovered her years ago! I just love the crisp design and the candy-coated oddities!

  9. Lovely stuff, though i think its a lot darker than you suggest in the accompanying text. There is something murky and twisted beneath that sugary coating i’m sure..

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