Mar 212009

Organically soulful pop group with the radiant vocalist Yukimi Nagano are something special. They where in London last week performing at Jazz cafe and despite being the first at the door tickets where Sold Out! 

Little Dragon – Twice is my favorite and topping my personal charts at the moment. The whole album is great. Another song to watch out for is Test which is more upbeat. 

  4 Responses to “Little Dragon – Twice”

  1. :-)

  2. The simplicity of it is really beautiful and inspirational!

  3. Hear hear.

    (Zelda – I checked out your Blog really good stuff on there. )

  4. Cool.

    Theres a sequel right… Is the skeleton dude seducing here with his tunes?? and Birdy is going to save her… or is the gift the answer

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