Mar 102009

Welcome to Joe Sorren’s world. Joe Sorren originally wanted to be an “art historian and conservationalist. Or a botanist. Or work with horses. It would be interesting to be behind the scenes in politics, at least for a while. Or maybe a studio musician, or invent games, or a … I would rather paint”. And what beautiful, surreal and rich paintings he creates. Joe Sorren currently lives in Arazona with his wife, daughter and son and is a drummer in a band called Sparkleface.

  4 Responses to “Joe Sorren”

  1. Love it… warm colours. his self portrait is cool.

  2. the book:

  3. I love Joe Soren’s work. I have been a huge fan for years and never tire of his style.

  4. Nice one Karyn – I checked out your site. You get some really good stuff there too. Nice Work.

    Well hope to you see you round and about the blog :)

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