Nov 152008

Last night I went to visit a friend in Piccadilly Circus. She is one of 4 people living there in this awesome top floor flat which had an incredible view over London. The owner who also lives there used to be an art dealer and his place was littered with antiques. One of the guys staying there happens to be Sam Kaprielov aka Sam Sturis. He was there last night and so I got to know about his work and had a a look at his latest work which was in progress. Really amazing stuff especially his old stuff which is unfortunately not available online. I actually prefer his earlier work as it is a little darker. The work included in this post is his more recent stuff. He uses Charcoal which is not an easay meduim.


“Sam Kaprielov was born in Ventspils on the West Coast of Latvia; he attended art college in St Petersburg before returning to Riga. Many a nineteenth century artist started their career as a painter of theatrical scenery; Sam Kaprielov began his as a billboard painter, as it was the most lucrative form of employment for an emerging artist. He moved to Venice to become a mask-maker in 1992 and arrived in London via a two-year spell in Avignon in 1998.” Sam Kaprielov Website




Sam Keprielov- Les Rivage Des Syrtes

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  1. Sascha,

    Just wanted to let you know that Sam’s Exhibition opens on the 16th this month in Shoreditch. He’s finally confortable with going live in a sense.

    Let me know if you need more details.


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