Gajin Fujita’s

Gajin FujitaGajin Fujita’s was born in 1972 to Japanese parents but grew up in Los Angeles. Fujita blends Eastern techniques such as anime and old school elements like geishas, warriors and demons with Western, urban imagery to create his unique style – (hip-hop, urban graffiti meets traditional Japanese painting.)

His works embody the cultural and class contradictions that are an integral part of our global village.

Gajin Fujita - Loca
By Gajin Fujita
Name: Loca

Gajin Fujita - Drawing From Fatal Match
By Gajin Fujita
Name: Drawing From Fatal Match

Gajin Fujita - Fatal Match
By Gajin Fujita
Name: Fatal Match

Gajin Fujita - The Mack
By Gajin Fujita
Name: The Mack

Gajin Fujita - True Blue Dragon
By Gajin Fujita
Name: True Blue Dragon

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