May 062008

joy angJoy Ang was born November 1985 and went to Alberta College of Art & Design. She is currently working in Calgary, AB, Canada. She flaunts clients such as Marvel, Capcom, Nokia, BioWare, Udon Comics…

Words from Joy Ang: “My passion has been art for as long as I can remember. With my art I strive for one main goal, and that is to stir the emotions from those who view it.Read More…

Joy Ang - Spring
Illustration by Joy Ang
Name: Spring

Joy Ang - Zodiac
Illustration by Joy Ang
Name: Chinese Zodiac

Joy Ang - Little Red Cap
Illustration by Joy Ang
Name: Little Red Cap

Joy Ang - Terrorsel
Illustrations by Joy Ang
Name: Terrorsel

Joy Ang - Chunli Profile
Illustration by Joy Ang
Name: Chun-li Profile

Joy Ang - Tara
Illustration by Joy Ang
Name: Tara

May 032008

Yuko ShimizuI’ve noted Yuko’s work browsing through illustration books on various occasions. While searching the web tonight her illustrations caught my eye yet again. Based in New York Yuko Shimizu‘s work reminds one of Japanese Woodcuts. The combination of New York influences, the sexual connotations, the attention to detail and the strong Japanese heritage makes her illustrations unique and so fantastic.

For more info on this talented illustrator I advise you to read this interview.

Yuko Shimizu - Tsunami
Yuko Shimizu – Tsunami

PLAYBOY July 05 issue story about natural disasters destroying earth
(Society of Illustrators 48 Gold Medal)

Yuko Shimizu - Wild
Yuko Shimizu – Wild

Yuko Shimizu - x1
Yuko Shimizu

Originally created for alphabet book project later published as a large size poster insertfor Yen Magazine of Australia

Yuko Shimizu
Yuko Shimizu - The P Trees

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