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25th of March

Jacob Borshard, Comics Archetype Times Table

Found this today. Absolutely love it. So so fun, it’s great.


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21st of March

Little Dragon – Twice

Organically soulful pop group with the radiant vocalist Yukimi Nagano are something special. They where in London last week performing at Jazz cafe and despite being the first at the door tickets where Sold Out! 

Little Dragon – Twice is my favorite and topping my personal charts at the moment. The whole album is great. Another song to watch out for is Test which is more upbeat. 

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12th of March

Oren Lavie – Her Morning Elegance


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10th of March

Joe Sorren

Welcome to Joe Sorren’s world. Joe Sorren originally wanted to be an “art historian and conservationalist. Or a botanist. Or work with horses. It would be interesting to be behind the scenes in politics, at least for a while. Or maybe a studio musician, or invent games, or a … I would rather paint”. And what beautiful, surreal and rich paintings he creates. Joe Sorren currently lives in Arazona with his wife, daughter and son and is a drummer in a band called Sparkleface.

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1st of March

Louis Minnaar’s paranormal world

I am very excited to finally post the work of this brilliantly talented local artist; from my very own beautiful, South Africa. I have been following this illustrator for the past two years and am a big big fan. At the crazy young age of 24 Louis Minnaar creates illustrations that are not only expertly executed but portray an imagination like no other. A darkness runs through Minnaar’s mysterious worlds of human eyed birds, beaked flowers and disjointed figures. Louis’ highly conceptual approach can be seen in an illustration he created for the South African pop culture magazine “One Small Seed”. Louis explains, “The guy in the seed is chasing his own tail. He is searching for truth in the world and does not find it because ultimately, without God, he is alone.”

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27th of February

Ruud van Empel

I have had a stupendous 2 weeks at work and tonight I lull myself into browsing for illustrations and art – a simpe joy, little effort and a good cup of green tea. This evening I felt Ruud van Empel was a best pick. He is offbeat without any cheap shock, macabre, bazaar or horror themes attached to his work. They are outlandish and curios. Perhaps you could describe the feeling the work emanates as ‘a recollection of an imagined memory’.

Ruud van Empel works and lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

PS:  Donnie I picked ‘Souvenir 2 baby‘ especially for you ;)

Tip: ‘world 17‘ makes for a great desktop BG! 

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