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22nd of September

Anna Emilia Laitinen – a delicate simplicity

Working from Finland Anna Emilia Laitinen’s paintings are truly delicate. I love the complexity and intricacy within the simple compositions.

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22nd of September

Ólafur Arnalds – Ljósið (Official Music Video)

Beautiful piece of music and beautiful music video.

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10th of September

Monogrenade – Ce Soir

A lovely song and a great video. It is French and the title, Ce Soir, means: Tonight

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6th of September

Brian M. Viveros – sexy, provocative and dark

Brian M. Viveros illustrations are sexy, provocative and dark.  The below illustrations are Brian’s trademark: Sexy, dark, feminine yet strong women who have a cigarette in the corner of their mouth. Despite the seemingly macabre air and batted state of the women their expressions are filled with lust and sovereignty. The overall effect is sexy and powerful. (ps: Compared to some of his other work this selection is less hardcore.)

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4th of August

My Tiger My Timing – This Is Not The Fire

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3rd of August

Monday Morning: Street Art in Soho London

On my way to work this morning, at around 8, I came across Nathan Bowen who had been illustrating for at least 1 hour. Now that’s dedication for you! As per Eddy’s comment Nathan has got work dotted around london incl Brick Lane.

In this instance had painted the strips white and then created the set of super urban characters you see below. He said his motivation was simply to make the temporary building wall more attractive. I thought it was great.  (He would pop by here later this week).

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