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15th of November

Tanya Johnston – Infinity

Mixing photography with illustration Tanya creates scenes that enter a realm of infinity, consciousness and mysticism; scenes beyond the intellect. Her work gives me feelings of peace and silence.

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15th of November

Illustrations by Michal Lisowski

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14th of November

Wall Painting by Supakitch and Koralie

Crazy beautiful…

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10th of October

Fleet Foxes video for “White Winter Hymnal”

Directed by Sean Pecknold

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26th of September

Art by Vania Zouravliov

Psychological, physiological, provocative and I think quite brilliant.

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12th of September

Mateo Dineen

Originally from California, Mateo moved to Berlin in 2003. His artwork usually incorporates old materials that he finds on the street or at local flea-markets in Germany. Upon these box lids, munitions crates, tobacco tins, and street signs, he creates a world that seems to emerge from another time, or perhaps another dimension. His lovable monsters reflect ourselves back at us. Some display curiosity with a tinge of unease, while others have seemingly been caught unawares whilst having an everyday moment. Just about every image seems to tell a story and invites the viewer to imagine what might occur next.

Video of Mateo painting:

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