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23rd of December

Obama & McCain 2008: Art & Politics

How much influence did art, the politicians brand and exposure thereof have in the 2008 American elections?

Is there an integral role between art and politics which can guide us in discovering truth or does art and design in politics walk dangerously close to propaganda?

How much does art and design influence the way people think and act? Or is art an embodiment of people’s perceptions implying that the art is in-fact preordained? The logo of a political brand is then a personification of a symbol or in other words the embodiment of the person it represents – similar comments in the video at the end of this post.

To what degree has art and design influenced the way Americans voted in 2008?

With these questions in mind please take a look at the collection of illustrations, caricatures, logos and video’s relating to the 2008 American Elections. You will notice there is more material on Obama which has nothing to do with my personal views. There was simply more of it. For example there were no real variations of the McCain logo like there was for Obama nor where there video’s talking about McCains brand development.

Enjoy: (Click on the images to see fully)

Obama Brand & Logo Development:
An interview with Sol Sender about the Obama logo and the brand that was built.

Sol Sender – Obama Logo Design Part 1 of 2

Sol Sender – Obama Logo Design Part 1 of 2

Other Videos:

This is a video compilation of varies political expressions

Obama And Pop Culture – CBS News

HipHop Scratching Video

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed!

23rd of December

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – Awesome.

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20th of December

Video Of Camille Rose Garcia

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19th of December

Off Topic: Slow Mo Punches For Fun

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23rd of July

Fighting Animation

Illustrator unknown. Great little animation even though it is quite violent. Enjoy!

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21st of July

Coloring a Manga Illustration Watercolor

The focus of this video is to demonstrat the application of watercolors on a manga character – I wish these skills came this natural to me!

– www.markcrilley.com –
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