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4th of August

My Tiger My Timing – This Is Not The Fire

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3rd of August

James Jean Kindling Book Video Review

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21st of March

Little Dragon – Twice

Organically soulful pop group with the radiant vocalist Yukimi Nagano are something special. They where in London last week performing at Jazz cafe and despite being the first at the door tickets where Sold Out! 

Little Dragon – Twice is my favorite and topping my personal charts at the moment. The whole album is great. Another song to watch out for is Test which is more upbeat. 

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12th of March

Oren Lavie – Her Morning Elegance


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24th of February

Laura Marling – My Manic & I

Laura Marling - My Manic & I

Beautiful Sad – I really like it. 

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3rd of January

Danny Gregory’s “An Illustrated Life”

“An Illustrated Life: Drawing Inspiration From The Private Sketchbooks Of Artists, Illustrators And Designers” is a must have. There is nothing more precious then an artists journal or sketchbook. Journals are not just a planning and practice ground for art but are creative, honest and faithful, true and private expression of a persons experience of life. Danny Gregory has dived into countless sketchbooks and compiled a book with just over 260 pages of priceless sketchbook entries of artists, illustrators and designers. The author Danny Gregory introduces his book in the video below.

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