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2nd of April

Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours (feat. Irfane)

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22nd of February

Audrey Kawasaki: She Entwined

Brilliant piece really love this. You can buy limited the edition on her site for around 200 USD unframed.

Audrey Kawasaki - She Entwined

Audrey Kawasaki - She Entwined

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17th of February

Winter Gloves – Let Me Drive

Great Video – Good Song

Winter Gloves – Let Me Drive

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14th of February

James Jean – The Lotus War

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28th of November

Jeff Soto Illustrations: A Twenty10 Collection

I have posted him before and having looked at all his latest work I thought it would be fantastic to post a 2010 collection. Note that the below collection also includes work from his latest solo exhibition - LifeCycle. Enjoy!

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15th of November

Tanya Johnston – Infinity

Mixing photography with illustration Tanya creates scenes that enter a realm of infinity, consciousness and mysticism; scenes beyond the intellect. Her work gives me feelings of peace and silence.

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