Berlin 2008 Helmut Newton Exhibition

Two weeks back I was in Berlin and managed to go to an exhibition of this talented and legendary photographer. He was a pioneer for artistic photo nudes and fashion photography. Many photographers and even advertisers now model their photos around his style. Although known for his more provocative work he also loved photographing architecture and landscapes.

Born in Berlin October 1920 and died in a car accident January 2004.

Helmut Newton

It was a massive exhibition and covered a lot of his work. To much to included in just one post. I have included some general photos and will probably add more as I rediscover particularly good ones.

Above: Here there is a massive mirror on the roof. So Helmut Newton is taking pictures through the mirror.

Above: One of his more famous photos.

There are thousand apon thousands. Google Image and other bloggers are our friends.

Chris Scarborough – Illustrations

He has a real command of human anatomy which he then likes to distorts. Chris Scarborough likes to add a lot of detail to hands and feet which draws your attention to them – I wonder if it has some meaning or just for effect. Either way I like the extra detail. He also gives his characters these big eyes (Seems to be quite the popular effect to give more emotion to characters). His characters generally have quite a macabre feeling. Ohh and then the spaceship is great I want one just like that!






AJ Fosik

AJ Fosik has fulfilled my need to find something completely knew and unique. His work is like nothing I have seen before. Not only is his work meticulously crafted but invites the viewer to think.

AJ Fosik_always-to-dust





Chris Riddell

I cannot believe I haven’t posted Chris Riddell yet. He is my absolute favorite. His stories are so so charming and his drawings are magical masterpieces.