The great civilisation divergence has ended: The Course of Empires

The western economy especially the EU seems to me like a house of cards which is falling down with politicians/central banks standing around it trying to catch the cards as they fall. I am by no means an expert on the subject but it does feel like any second now it could all unravel and the once prosperes west will no longer enjoy the rein it has had for so long. Having taken this for granted for a life time makes it naturally hard to believe but it is certainly not impossibility.

All great things come to an end and all empires fall and such all great divergence between civilisation get closed. China, South America and other emerging markets are growing at astronomical rates as the west is moving backward.

Thomas Cole was an American artist in the 19 hundreds who drew a series of paintings to illustrate the rise and fall of empires. The idea of creating ‘life cycle’ paintings became quite popular with other series like the Voyage of life. Below is a series of five paintings called: The Course of Empires.

There must be a fair bit of contemporary art out there now that expresses the notion perhaps not as directly but still an expression of the change that is happening. It would be interesting to see if there are any stark contrasts between art coming out of the emerging markets and waining western markets, please share your thoughts? Perhaps I will make this a little project!

(Birth starts at the left and final death is on the right.)






Its been a long time since I have posted. Sometimes life just has a way of taking you downstream to a new place before you even know you have started on a new journey. It has been quite an eventful few weeks but I am feeling good and ready to get involved again!

To kick things off here is something I found on Facebook which I really like. I love the earthy pastel colours which make it feel a bit like a mid 20 th century advert. The face exploding as if these are medical illustration for academic purposes combined with the modern android like characters  make these very interesting.

What it means to me? The development of humans, robots, biology and information are all impressive advancements but has been painful in parts. Still there is a distinct link and representation to legacy technology perhaps hinting at the chronological development of each, a homage to where things have come from.



Marnite Sue – Hand Crafted Dolls

Marnite paints but is best  known as a ‘Doll Artist’ which is something I have not had much exposure to. She is based in Tokyo and makes this all by hand. They are ball jointed, with human hair, glass eyes, all parts are fine porcelain. I don’t know about you but I preferred the more macabre dolls. Would be interesting to know how much one of these fetches.


If you would like to see more click here.

Vania Zouravliov

There is something so whole captivating about Vania’s work. I find myself mumbling religious profanities when I stumble onto some of his pieces, so good. I had the chance to buy one of his prints but didn’t as it was just a little too expensive at the time… I wish I had. To make up for that I did buy this today: Vania: Extended Version. He is also an author which is something I only recently learnt. You will find his book on Amazon – Please note that it is reading for the more opened minded.  (Here is an older post).




Brooke Shaden

Seeing Halloween is around the corner I thought to post something a little darker then my usual. These are photos made to look like paintings, revers of Nigel Cox who is a realist painter. Where Nigel is brilliant technically I struggle to find any depth in is artwork. Brooke in contrast has very rich subject matter and each photo is a story onto its own, however a touch of elusiveness keeps you guessing.

A quite death, Her burial and The aftermath (as seen below) reminded me a little of the pre-Raphael paintings: Ophelia by Sir John Everett and The Lady of Shalott by Hughes, Arthur – Perhaps she got some of her inspiration from those?