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Art Of Mark Ryden & Lori Earley Music by Danny Elfman

Posted by Sascha June 24th, 2008

Collection of artworks form Mark Ryden and Lori Earley. Sound can play such an important role when setting a mood. Danny Elfman is the man behind the music of this clip. He is american and has composing scores and songs for Tim Burton’s films and won a Emmy Award for the Desperate Housewives theme. Also involved in the music for Big Fish, Beetlejuice, Batman and Edward Scissorhands…  Definatly worth reading up on Danny.

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Posted by Sascha May 23rd, 2008

Pretty cool  add by Häagen-Dazs. Well done although it lost direction of its main message somehow. The flower did look might delicious.

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Fawn Fruits (AKA) Daniel Hyun Lim

Posted by Sascha May 18th, 2008

Fawn Fruits (AKA) Daniel Hyun Lim is a New York based artist.

Daniel Hyun Lim

Daniel Hyun Lim

Daniel Hyun Lim

Daniel Hyun Lim

Daniel Hyun Lim

Gallery 2008


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Comics - AIM / Achebe / Thunderbolts

Posted by Sascha May 15th, 2008

This post marks the beginning of a new category - Comics. In truth I have never really been an avid comic reader. I did once collect Ghost Rider, about 10 comic books in total. However there is defiantly something to be said for the artistic skill that goes into these comics. Here are a couple images from varies comics and publishers.

thunderbolts Marvel Comics

Above: This illustration is a snip it from the Marvel Superhero Team “Thunderbolts“.

For those of you not familiar with the world of comics, me being one, there is a whole universe that has been created around these superhuman characters. With political faction and superheroes joining each other to form teams and rally against other heroes. Much like Tolkien and his imaginary world of Orks, Hobbits and speaking trees.

Achebe Marvel Comics

Above: Achebe from Marvel Comics: “Reverend Doctor Michael Ibn al-Hajj Achebe’s true identity remains unknown. Stories persist that he was originally a Ghudazian farmer until Ujankan guerillas took refuge in his home, repaying his hospitality by stabbing him repeatedly, burning his farm, and stealing his unfaithful wife. Refusing to die, the farmer sold his soul to the devil for revenge, hunting down and slaying everyone associated with his wife, from close family to casual acquaintances.” Read More…


Above: “A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics) is an organization of brilliant scientists and their hirelings dedicated to the acquisition of power and the overthrow of all government by technological means.” Read More…

The stories are rather elaborate. If you go to the site there is a publishers rating for thing like power and intelligence. There is also a user rating. Then you have a full profile breakdown. What color hair, occupation (E.G.: Revolutionary, minister; former farmer, co-regent of Wakanda), Education (E.G: Ph.D. in Law (Yale)), Relatives (E.G: Unidentified alleged wife (deceased)) etc…

There you have it.

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Ukiyo-e / Japanese Woodcutting Art

Posted by Sascha May 14th, 2008

Woodcut is a artistic technique in which an image is carved into the surface of a block of wood, with the printing parts remaining level while the non-printing parts are removed. The block is cut along the grain of the wood. In Europe beechwood was commonly used and in Japan cherry wood was used.

woodblock-cuttingThe surface is covered with ink by rolling over the surface with an ink covered roller. Multiple colors can be printed using this technique - a different block is used for each color.

It did not originate in Japan as some people believe. It came originally from China and was later adopted by the West and Japan.

The most popularized form of woodcut Art is called Ukiyo-e. It originated in Japan and it is probably what you have seen. Ukiyo-e means: “pictures of the floating world”. More specifically Ukiyo-e is woodblock prints (or woodcuts) and paintings. They where popular between the 17th and the 20th centuries. Ukiyo-e were affordable because they could be mass-produced. They were, therefore, meant for people who were not wealthy enough to afford an original painting. The original subject of ukiyo-e was city life, in particular activities and scenes from the entertainment district.

The Great Wave At Kanagawa

This is probably one of the most famous Ukiyo-e’s. It is called “The Great Wave”. (Why do you look surprised?). Artist is Hokusai and it is part of his subscription series, “Thirty-Six Views of Mt. Fuji,” completed between 1826 and 1833.

Kobayakawa Kiyoshi Nationality - Eyes, Hitomi

Artist: Kobayakawa Kiyoshi Nationality: Japanese, 1896-1948 Title: Eyes, Hitomi, from the series Modern Styles of Makeup Date: 1931.


Evening Snow at Kanbara, Edo period (1615–1868), 1834

Evening Snow at Kanbara, Ando Hiroshige (Japanese, 1797–1858)


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Awesome Stop Frame Animation From Buenos Aires

Posted by Sascha May 13th, 2008

( Please wait - its loading )

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Louis Vuitton - Nadia Plesner Getting Suede for Art

Posted by Sascha May 9th, 2008

 Nadia Plesner Last year Nadia Plesner started a Simple campaign to raise awareness of the ongoing genocide in Darfur and to raise money for the helping organization “Divest for Darfur”.

On February 13, 2008, Nadia received a letter from Louis Vuitton’s, asking her to firmly end the campaign immediately, as they believe one of their products is being portrayed in the illustration.

Nadia Plesner is standing up for her artistic freedom to express her view of the world as she sees it without restrictions from anybody.

On February 20, 2008, she informed Louis Vuitton’s Intellectual Property Director that she intend to continue her campaign to support the victims of Darfur.

Nadia Plesner startet her own campaige in 2007 to support the Victims of Darfur. 100% of the takings from the t-shirt and poster are donated to Darfur.

To support her please go to:

The illustration Nadia is getting suede for:

Nadia Plesner - Louis Vuitton

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Art by Souther Salazar

Posted by Sascha May 5th, 2008

Souther SalazarSouther Salazar’s work first began to circulate about 10 - 12 years back. He graduated from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena in Canada.

I enjoy the lightness. Its a happy break from seeing a lot of macabre and/or intense works which seem to dominate the scene. Souther Salazar exhibits his collages, paintings, drawings and sculptures in dense and frenzied installations. He uses mixed medias which allows viewers to interact with his work. His work has appeared in galleries all over the world from New York, Portland to Tokyo.

Souther Salazar - Rockets Redglare
Illustration by Souther Salazar
Name: Rockets Redglare

Souther Salazar - Manatees
Illustration by Souther Salazar
Name: Manatees

Souther Salazar - I Built My Dreams Around You
Illustration by Souther Salazar
Name: I Built My Dreams Around You

Souther Salazar - It Was The Greatest Story Ever Told
Illustration by Souther Salazar
Name: It Was The Greatest Story Ever Told

Souther Salazar - Of Times Long Gone
Illustration by Souther Salazar
Name: Of Times Long Gone

Souther Salazar - Wood For Each Year
Illustration by Souther Salazar
Name: Wood For Each Year

Souther Salazar - Lightbulb Balloon
Illustration by Souther Salazar
Name: Lightbulb Balloon

Souther Salazar - Lost Lake
Illustration by Souther Salazar
Name: Lost Lake

Tara Mcpherson and Souther Salazar
Tara Mcpherson and Souther Salazar

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Stephen Wiltshire - Savant Drawing

Posted by Sascha May 5th, 2008

Stephen Wiltshire Stephen Wiltshire was born in London on 24th April, 1974. He is known as “the human camera“.

As a child, Stephen was mute and did not relate to other people. When he was around 3 years old he was diagnosed as autistic. He had no language ability, tantrums and lived entirely in his own world.

At the tender age of five he was sent to a school for children with special needs. Here he began to illustrate. He started with animals, then London buses, and finally buildings. Apparently the drawings showed a great natural skill and excellent perspective - for the first time his natural innate artistry was revealed.

Stephen Wiltshire in Rome

Stephen Wiltshire in Japan - Tokyo

He has been in BBC documentary and exhibited all over the world. He has a awesome memory for imagery and grasp of perspectives. Watch the clips to get a feel for his genius.

Some links:

Stephen Wiltshire Exhibitions 2008

Stephen Wiltshire Gallery

Savant Skills by Wiki

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