4 thoughts on “Loretta Lux-Bride

  1. Do you allow people to use your work creatively? My boyfriend has a single to release and I would love to use part of this photo for the artwork. I don’t see any copyrights on the work, but I wanted to check with you and make sure. He’s not famous or anything, a doubt many people would see it. Please let me know; thanks

    love the pic <3

  2. Hi Jehle,
    You would have to contact Loretta Lux directly to find out if you can use the artwork commercially, I doubt it though, all her work is copyright protected. Most work created by artists and photographers may only be used for private use, not commercial use, even if commercial use is on a small scale. Best you contact Loretta Lux directly, info@lorettalux.de.
    Best regards,

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