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3rd of August

Monday Morning: Street Art in Soho London

On my way to work this morning, at around 8, I came across Nathan Bowen who had been illustrating for at least 1 hour. Now that’s dedication for you! As per Eddy’s comment Nathan has got work dotted around london incl Brick Lane.

In this instance had painted the strips white and then created the set of super urban characters you see below. He said his motivation was simply to make the temporary building wall more attractive. I thought it was great.  (He would pop by here later this week).

  • You find the coolest drawings!! Fabulous! Loved the book review also!

  • Thanks – I am glad you enjoy these! :)

  • awesome artwork, I’ve seen this guys art featured in the London Paper not too long ago, and I seen some of his stuff down Brick Lane. His name is Nathan Bowen

  • Thanks Eddy – added Nathan’s name to the post and will keep a looking out!

  • thanx for a great post mate

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