Where does the word illustration originate from. Often words come from a very different origin then to which it is applicable today.

Etymology of Illustration:

c.1375, “a spiritual illumination,” from O.Fr. illustration, from L. illustrationem (nom. illustratio) “vivid representation” (in writing), lit. “an enlightening,” from illustrare “light up, embellish, distinguish,” from in- “in” + lustrare “make bright, illuminate.” Mental sense of “act of making clear in the mind” is from 1581. Meaning “an illustrative picture” is from 1816. Illustrate “educate by means of examples,” first recorded 1612. Sense of “provide pictures to explain or decorate” is 1638.

This was taken from etymonline.com.

So we looking at “A spiritual illumination”, an enlightening, distinguish and clear in mind etc… all sounding good to me! No hidden darker agenda behind the word.

The imagery is actually made up of wire! Yes wire. I thought we could still post it.

BBC – Connecting with the World
BBC - Connecting with the World Advert

Bengal – Cat Blimps
Bengal - Cat Blimps

Bengal – Fixing Joe
Bengal - Fixing Joe

Bengal – The Machine
Bengal - The Machine

Bengal – Rocklee
Bengal - Rocklee

I especially love The Machine one and Cat Blimps…

Born as a Dog in London in 1958 he enjoyed avocados. He has a wife and they tender a young Coyote called Bonnie. This is totally true if you dont believe me I suggest you ask around.

Illustrations by Ray Caesar:

Ray Caesar – EBB Tide
Ray Caesar - EBB Tide

Ray Caesar – Wallflowers
Ray Caesar Wallflowers

Ray Caesar – Mondays Child
Ray Caesar - Mondays Child

Ray Caesar – Blessed
Ray Caesar - Blessed

Ray Caesar Website

Ray Caesar – Coming Undone
Ray Caesar - Coming Undone

Just about to head on home and strait into bed. Before I do that here is an illustration by someone unknown. (If any of you know please let me know!)


In 2002, Jeff Soto graduated with Distinction from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

There is a strong environmental message in his illustrations. An abstract fusion and representation of the natural and mechanical which may more broadly symbolize human influence on nature. They seem to illustrate that the machines have come from the natural and are in turn influencing the environment. But then often poets are surprised at what people see in their work – perhaps the subconscious coming out or a bit of luck – Which ever way Great Style Great Message.

Jeff Soto – Thunder Clouds over a FlowerJeff Soto - Thunde Clouds over a Flower

Jeff Soto – War CloudJeff Soto - War Clouds

Jeff Soto
Jeff Soto - Stormy Skies

Jeff Soto – Grows
Jeff Soto - Growers.

Jeff Soto
Jeff Soto - Tresflores

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