My very first post

As much as I like to think I am free and not stuck in a box, we all are stuck in our very own way. All things that are new will always remain scary. This is my very first blog entry ever. Ahhhhhh scary! Scary scary… a little step out of my box and into the world of blogging. Hmmmm, lets see what this world will bring.

What better way to start my first blog than with the fun and beautiful thoughts and illustrations of Edward Monkton. Enjoy:

Edward Monkton Butterfly of Freedom

3 thoughts on “My very first post

  1. If you have a bird that is in a cage it is not yours at all.
    If you open the cage and the bird flies away and it comes back into the cage on its own accord than it is yours.

  2. The butterfly that was a flutterby went high high into the sky. To catch the light so bright. But at its highest the flight was only light this was the end yet no other ever saw the light.

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