As much as I like to think I am free and not stuck in a box, we all are stuck in our very own way. All things that are new will always remain scary. This is my very first blog entry ever. Ahhhhhh scary! Scary scary… a little step out of my box and into the world of blogging. Hmmmm, lets see what this world will bring.

What better way to start my first blog than with the fun and beautiful thoughts and illustrations of Edward Monkton. Enjoy:

Edward Monkton Butterfly of Freedom

Intimidating – Dark colors, black inset eyes, looks like he is moving toward you but has already closed in. On top of that you are a little bit uncertain about what you are looking at – as if you stared at the illustration for long enough it would change to something completely different.

Face Illustration

Some more illustration executed by the illustrator Alexandra Bruns, busy busy talented girl she is!

The objective of these posters is to illustrate to the staff, deliver and pick up guys, what their role is within AMPATH and how important it is to keep up a good work ethic and respectable appearance.

Illustration 1:

AMPATH Illustrated Posters

Illustration 2:

AMPATH Training Illustration 2

The rest will follow.

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